Qigong And Creativity

“The deeper the stillness, the greater the clarity, the brighter the reflection.”

Qigong And Creativity Qigong And Creativity Qigong And Creativity East Mountain
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What you will learn?

Qigong & Creativity Workshop
Part One

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In this first lesson we explore ideas on the creative process, the overlap between qigong and creativity and practice a simple 5 posture Qigong routine.

Refining our senses is the theme for this lesson. We'll explore what this means, how it relates to all types of creative endeavours, and how Qigong practice can support this development.

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Part Two

The second part of the workshop looks in more detail at the creative process. From finding inspiration to developing creative ideas, we discuss how to be more receptive to creativity.

Another short Qigong routine is taught, providing you with another sequence that can be used as a second practice or to extend the first routine.. 

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About the course

A two lesson workshop on enhancing your creativity through Qigong! Creativity is an essential aspect of being human and can be expressed is many ways, from writing, painting and making music, to woodworking, embroidery and cooking.

Creativity itself is not something we can consciously influence. But making ourselves more receptive to creativity and more attuned to developing creative ideas are both areas we can explore and improve. These lessons look at the overlap between Qigong and the creative process and will teach you two short and simple Qigong routines for regular self-practice.

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About the teacher

James Saper R.TCM.P


While living and studying Traditional Chinese Medicine in Victoria, I had the good fortune to meet & train Chinese Martial Arts with Shane Watson & Andrea Falk. I began a serious study of Yang & Chen styles of Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) in Victoria under Andrea's vigilant eye. I also was able to learn the Qi Gong form, Lian Gong Shi Ba Fa (18 Postures for Daily Practice), in Victoria from Sue Jiang. I graduated from Oshio College with distinction in 2002 & was among the first group of registered practitioners recognized by British Columbia's College of TCM Practitioners & Acupuncturists.

Since moving to Guelph, Ontario, I have been able to deepen my Chen Taijiquan studies with Master Jack Yan, one of the eighteen inheritor disciples of Grand Master Chen Zhenglei. And since 2004 expanded my training with Andrea Falk to include Bagua & Xingyi.

Since 2004 I have been teaching internal styles & since 2002 operating a solo Traditional Chinese Medicine practice in Guelph, Ontario.

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